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Key Staff


Tanya Waterman - Group Managing Director -

Having worked firstly in publishing & architecture for many years, in 2007 Tanya took up her first role in a sales environment. The Company was a multi-milliion pound turnover company within the health & beauty sector this is where Tanya really discovered a true passion for Perfume and Aftershave Products. When Tanya established Perfect Scent Trading Ltd as an online reseller for some of the
biggest names within the industry all of a sudden came along the biggest natural
disaster in our life times, which made her rethink the purpose of the company and as such reinvented the company which is now very well known as PST SUPPLIES. Tanya is both highly motivated & driven, put that together with her being an amazing mother to 2 teenage girls, she has turned the company into a power house overnight. Tanya would say, "PST SUPPLIES has the potential to become a house hold name within the next few years, exploring new avenues and new markets is very exciting, we will continue to provide the complete package & solution for all our clients no matter how big or small, they all demand the best possible due care & attention, I am very excited & proud of what we have acheived and will continue to acheive". (CONTACT US VIA WHATSAPP HERE)

Bob Simons - Head Of Purchasing & Sales -

Having worked in sales all his life, he fully understand the needs and demands of clients no matter how big or small they may be. Having arrived at this point due to the vision of Tanya and trying to seek out the products that our clients need and working to deadlines is something he really enjoys. "We have very good and strong ties with many of our suppliers and the brands which we sell, which will only become stronger as time passes by". He has developed a unique way of working in order to acheive maximum productivity, which in turn gets us highly motivated and ready for whatever the day will present. PST SUPPLIES is a breath of fresh air in this market, as we are not dedicated to one specific market we can offer our clients a full one stop solution, which in turn cuts down (A) cost of purchasing from several suppliers incurring fees and tracking different parcels from different couriers daily, which can act like a domino effect as if one supplier lets the client down, it gets passed down and thats bad for business (B) Developing a relationship for us is KEY, he finds himself in a very fortunate position that he fully understand the products that we are selling and this really does help clients who may need help in getting every item to complete the job at the best prices and within the required timeline. Buying and Selling is something that he has always enjoyed and developing relationships with both Customers and Suppliers. (CONTACT US VIA WHATSAPP HERE)

Abbie Mosson - Head of Customer Experience -

Abbie is a People's Person, who genuinely cares about people and ensuring people get exactly what they are looking for. Having worked for many years in a customer services role Abbie is very skilled at understanding people and is always looking at new innovative ideas on how to enhance the customers experience with us. Abbie, goes the extra mile to ensure the order is not only packed in the right way, but ensures items go out on time and tracks the movement of the item(s) from point to point. Abbie is also responsible for the smooth flow of stock from suppliers to our warehouse and works directly with Tanya. Abbie is a huge asset to the company and if ever an issue arises it is dealt with in a timely fashion and reaches swift conclusions to all issues that may arise. In her words she would say, "The Challenges that arise on a daily basis from our clients makes the day a different one every day which is something that I really enjoy". Please do feel free to contact Abbie if you have any issues that you need urgent attention with - (CONTACT US VIA WHATSAPP HERE)

Emma Cuthbert - Head of Dispatch - dispatch@pstsupplies

Emma is Head Of Dispatch which takes quite some doing, but she has embraced the role and totally understands what is required of her. She is very hard working and knows her products inside out, which when you are dealing in excess of 5,000 product lines at any one time is quite a feat. When you are dispatching in excess of 300 parcels per day you need to have the right person for the job and Emma exactly fits the bill, she is very organised and ensures everything leaves on time and is correct. Emma has a team which she is currently developing and we are hoping to reach our target of being a fully functional fulfilment house and increasing the volume of outgoing parcels to eventually being a 24/7 operation. Emma is a huge asset and should you have any issues in regards to goods in or goods out please do contact her at the email address as above.

Alec Williams - Head of Online Sales & Operations -

An engineering graduate, Alec fell into sales accidentaly through part time/temporary work. Working for a major high street retailer, Alecs passion for meeting and talking to new people combined with his ability to listen to what the customer wanted, he soon established himself as a key member of a succesfull sales team. Over 20 years later, working in both retail and Etail, Alec has considerable experience in account management, supply, purchasing and sales. He brings that knowledge to PST Supplies together with his appetite and desire to succeed, working alongside the team to grow the PST Supplies product range with quality products at great prices, making them a market leader.